Used Charles Brand Etching Presses

Realizing that many printmakers and artists desire original Charles Brand etching presses, we are proud to offer used Charles Brand etching presses.

Over the 50 plus years of manufacturing and repairing printmaking presses, we have seen and repaired every style of printmaking press from every manufacturer of printmaking presses. Often, we acquire used presses on trade-ins. These used presses range from large floor model presses to small tabletop presses.

Once we get a traded-in press, our technicians inspect, test, and rebuild the press. Then we offer it for sale as a used printmaking press. All the used Charles Brand etching presses offered by Conrad Machine Co. are in like-new working condition. Every part on the presses is thoroughly examined and tested to insure proper working order before the used press leaves our factory. You can be assured when you buy a used Charles Brand etching press from Conrad Machine Co., you are getting a used printmaking press that functions as if it were new.

Currently Avaivable Used Charles Brand Presses

Please see the list to the left for our available used Charles Brand etching presses.

Used Charles Brand Press Warranty

Please contact our factory for special warranty information about our used Charles Brand etching presses.

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